Friday, March 16, 2018

Floral Wall Decals, and Master Bedroom Facelift

Our master bedroom makeover has me all sorts of happy! It was the last room in our house to be decorated. I love the look of the vinyl flowers adorning the freshly painted walls. 

The decals are from @urbanwalls. They add a freshness you can't find with another product. 

They are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine.

This is the before. This pic is 5 years old, and nothing much had changed. We moved in to our home 10 years ago, and used the same bedding from our old house. Our curtains never fit the windows, and we always had light streaming in. Our old bedding was finally threadbare, and it was time for a change! I loved the purple, and had it in our master for nearly fifteen years, but I was ready to move on! 

First thing I did was to paint the wall.

The paint is called Chimney, and its from Home Depot.

Painting the wall made a nice difference, but I wanted to bring in a little more contrast and drama.

I got these awesome floral decals from, Urban Walls. They come in sheets. You cut loosely around each flower to separate them.

After you cut the Urban Walls Decals out, you hang them with painters tape on the wall where you want them to go. You can play around with them until you find the desired position, then you peel away the back, and stick them to the wall. You press down with a credit card, and make sure the flower is sticking to the wall, before pulling the top layer off the wall.

This was my first pic at night, after I finished. The entire project only took about four hours, start to finish. I loved how simple they were to apply and how they create such a great impact!

They are so fresh and bright, that it makes me happy every time I walk in my room.

I had priced out nice wallpaper, and it would have cost me over $1000 to do just that one wall, and would have ben a nightmare to hang. 

These decals were sooo easy to hang, that anyone could do it!

Here are a few more of the finished product photos. 

It has been quite a shock to go from a plain color on the wall all these years, to this, but I really love the way it turned out! 

I think I'll change out the bedding a bit next fall and winter, and maybe do a darker bedskirt, and some dark pillows.

I am so happy to have the pretty pink and the flowers, going into spring and summer.

*I received product from Urban Walls at a very discounted rate, but opinions are my own.

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