Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Easter Wreath - Plastic Eggs

Plastic Egg Easter Wreath!

This wreath is very easy to make. It comes together in about 10 minutes, and is not very expensive!

It's adorable and playful and would brighten up any door step!

You will need:
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14 Plastic White Eggs - I got mine from Hobby Lobby
14" Wire Hoop - I got mine from Hobby Lobby
Chicks on Twig - I got mine from Hobby Lobby
Various Ribbon - I got mine from Hobby Lobby. The ones I linked, could be glued to a twig from the yard, but I recommend the ready made light weight ones from Hobby Lobby.
Small Pieces of Wire for attaching the chicks - Dollar Store

First, cut the tire hoop apart at the place where the wires meet. I did this by squeezing and twisting my hand held wire cutters around the hoop, until it felt weak. I then bent ti back and forth until it snapped!

Separate your eggs, and drill a hole the size of the wire, in the top of each one. Be sure and put something underneath the eggs so you don't ruin any surfaces.

Next, snap the eggs together, and thread them on the hoop, You will put 7 on each side, with the top of the eggs pointing towards the center. I made sure to spin my eggs so the other little holes on them were not visible.

Once the eggs are all threaded, close the hoop by wrapping duck tape around the opening while the ends are pressed together.

Use two pieces of wire to secure the chicks on a branch in place.

You are almost finished! Cut and attach ribbon in any colors you choose to the bottom, attaching a small piece to the top between the top two eggs, for hanging.

This wreath is darling, fast and easy to make! I hope you love yours.

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