Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter Dinner & Tiered Trays

I purchased tiered trays last year for my daughters birthday party, 
and decided to use them for Easter as well. 
We liked doing that so much that we decided it is going to be 
our tradition to use them every Easter. 
You can get your own trays HERE. They are a great deal If you you make a purchase, I will make a small percentage. Thank you for helping me out.
They disassemble very easily, and don't take-up much room for storage. 
I keep them disassembled in a drawer in my curio cabinet.
As for what we put on them, we put sweets on top, 
snacks in the middle and savory on the bottom.
We keep the food very simple.
I like to add little decorative elements, like chenille chicks and an egg. 
 My husband and I write a nice not to each family member 
and place it in the egg, for them to read.
I hope your family has a lovely Easter!

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Have a Happy & Creative Day!


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