Monday, April 5, 2010

Easy Peasy Jewelry Organizing!

I have this girlfriend who is super organized, and my jewelry would give her stress every time she saw it. She has been telling me for months, that she is going to find an inexpensive solution for organizing it. And... she did!!!

She was at DI the other day, and got this (a hot wheels car organizer) for $2!
She says instead of, "hot wheels," it should say, "hot mama." Ha Ha!!!
My son is jealous!

Thanks Donnalynn! Love you girlie :)

None of my jewelry is expensive, but I am a bead-a-holic, and make too many bracelets!

I found this organizer last week for $3!

Time for even more organizing!

Price tag to prove it!


jill d said...

I love the idea! Maybe I'll have to cut you some "HOT Mama" vinyl to cover up the hot wheels. :0)

Brooke said...

LOVE that idea. So cute.

Donnalynn said...

Funny thing is ... you needed to purchase another one! If I remember right the Hot Wheels one held 120 items!

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