Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cowboy Birthday Party Perparation {Part 2 - Panning for GOLD!}

When I told my mom I wanted the kids to pan for gold for the cowboy party... she TOTALLY DELIVERED!!! Let's call her RestlessRona - I think she is the one who always encouraged me to be creative, and use my head. I love the way she thinks, and then does!

Here is what she did for the panning for gold activity for the party tomorrow...

She got a bunch of pea gravel from her yard, and washed it about 3 times, and then let them fully dry. Then she put it all in a box to spray. She said putting it in a box to spray worked SO WELL, because she could shake it up, and move everything around to make sure all the rocks were coated.

She used this KRYLON Metallic brilliant gold.

Look how nice and shiny they all turned out!

I have a large collection of pie tins for some reason, and now I finally have a good use for them! I know they can be turned in for money, but I never remember to do it. I thought of using disposable dishes, but the kids are going to be finding the gold in a swimming pool that is full of water and sand, in addition to the gold.

So... my mom drilled holes in all 4 tins at once, and the backs were jagged. We didn't want anyone to get cut, so I pounded the holes with a hammer, and it did the trick.

The holes are a perfect size, so that the gold won't slip through!

Thanks Mom! I am super excited, and everything looks great!

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Unknown said...

What a great idea for a Wild West party!!

shelley said...

wow! those 'gem's turned out great! mayb you could make a little drawstring bag to hold their 'finds' ;)

brilliant! thanks for posting!

Jen @ said...

So fun - what a great birthday party activity!


Kristin said...

So fun! Did you see the Bandanna Tablecloths at ?

restlessrisa said...

Kristin, Those are darling! Thanks for the info!!! :)



Leslie said...

Hey girl I awarded you the gorgeous blog award over at my blog Night Owl Crafting! Congrats!

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