Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cowboy birthday party preparation {Part 1 - the holster}

The other day, I was throwing out theme ideas for my son's birthday party, and when he decided on COWBOYS, I was SO EXCITED!!!

I went to Honk's Dollar Store the next day, and look what I found!!!

The night before, I had looked on a few sites, and the spurs alone were $2.99. I thought it was a great deal when I found this cute little set for $1.

But, every gun, needs a holster :) This is how I made them for each kid (yes, each child is getting a gun, spurs and a holster)...


I measured around my son's waist, and cut out a piece of vinyl that would overlap in the back.


Cut out a piece of vinyl, that when folded in half, would fit the exact size of the guns I bought.


I pinned everything (including Velcro) where I wanted it, using my son as the model. I put the soft velcro on the back of the vinyl, and the sticky Velcro on the vinyl side. The sticky Velcro will actually stick to the back of the vinyl, so it will be easier for kids to put on, even if they don't get it totally straight.


Sew a straight line over 1/2 of the top , on the back side of the holster.


Sew the holster together starting at the top, and sewing through the belt for extra reinforcement.


Sew the Velcro in place.

It was SO QUICK & EASY! It didn't cost me anything, because I already had the vinyl, thread and Velcro. All I needed was a little creativity and imagination.

My son LOVES it, and has worn it for 3 days now :)

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Please feel free to leave a comment or ideal. The party is in three weeks!


jill d said...

That is so fun and what little boy wouldn't be dying with excitement for a cowboy party?!! And if those aren't the COOLEST party favors, I don't know what is. You are so creative and talented. Love it!

Jason & Emily said...
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Jason & Emily said...

Great idea. I love your blog. I am a total "blog stalker". My sister (Amanda) told me about your family blog and I was following that until you went private. Glad to see that you have another one that I can stalk you on now (even though I don't know you). You are SOOOOOO creative.

Lindsay said...

SO DARLING!!! Cowboy parties are so fun! you could always do cowboys and Indians

Candy McCall said...

love it Ris...your kids have GREAT parties!!

Debbie said...

You know that all the mothers of the boys coming to the party are going to hate you just a LITTLE bit after they see these. They are really cute!

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