Saturday, December 17, 2011

Studio 5 & instructions for kid fun!

Boy has this week been busy! I went on Studio 5 on Wed, and then I was in charge of my ward's Christmas party. The theme was "Christmas in Zarahemla." It was a ton of work, but now it is over, and it went very well! I had a little meltdown, but took a deep breath, and got over it. I had a great committee, and hope to post pics soon.

I did want to post the clip from Studio 5, and also the instructions for the projects I shared.

Can I just say... it is hard to watch myself, and I feel like I look like I am 20 lbs heavier. Maybe I was slouching! I don't know, but here is a picture from about one minute before I went on. See... I actually do have a waist ;)

By the way... people always ask me after I go on the show, how I like the hosts, and how I like doing it. I have to say... I LOVE IT, and they are SO NICE and GREAT to work with. Everyone from the producer that I usually work with, to Darin, Brooke and Amy... They are all fabulous! They have been so good to me and my blog. I am lucky to know them. And no, I don't get nervous. I don't know why. Maybe because they are great at making you feel comfortable.


Alright now... Back to business.

Here are the instructions:


Lava lamps are so fun, and mesmerizing! They are easy to make at home with a few ingredients you probably already have on hand.

You will need:

· Clear plastic bottle. A glass would work as well.

· Vegetable oil

· Water

· Food coloring

· Pie pan

· Effervescent antacid tablets such as Alka-Seltzer


1. Fill the bottle just over halfway with the oil, and then add water to an inch from the top. Add 10 drops of food coloring.

2. Place the bottle on the pie pan to catch potential spills. Cut or break an antacid tablet in quarters and drop one quarter into the bottle. When the bubbling slows, add another quarter-tablet to get it started again. (Adding too many tablets at once will cloud the oil with bubbles.)

3. To store the lamp, let the bottle sit until all the bubbles have completely dispersed. This prevents the buildup of gas in the bottle. Cap it and put it in a safe place to prevent spills.


You kids will be entertained for hours finding new uses for magnetic putty. It is super easy to make, and stores indefinitely.

You will need:

· Putty – I prefer the kind you buy from the dollar store. It seems to have a little more moisture.

· Finely ground metal. I got mine at Utah Idaho supply for $1.75. The finer the better. They had a jar of shavings there as well, and the shavings were too thick, and fell out of the putty.

· Paper Plate

· Magnets


  1. Heat up the putty with your hands, so it is pliable.
  2. Flatten and stretch the putty out, then lay it on the paper plate.
  3. Dump metal onto putty.
  4. Knead the metal into the putty, until it is well mixed.
  5. Have fun seeing what the magnets will do!


Your kids will love the fact that they get to be a part of the whole process of creating a bouncy ball. They will love getting their hands dirty too!

You will need:

  • borax (found in the laundry section of the store)
  • cornstarch (found in the baking section of the store)
  • white glue (e.g., Elmer's glue - makes an opaque ball) or blue or clear school glue (makes a translucent ball)
  • warm water
  • food coloring (optional)
  • measuring spoons
  • spoon or craft stick to stir the mixture
  • 2 small plastic cups or other containers for mixing
  • marking pen
  • zip-lock plastic baggie


  1. Label one cup 'Borax Solution' and the other cup 'Ball Mixture'.
  2. Pour 2 tablespoons warm water and 1/2 teaspoon borax powder into the cup labeled 'Borax Solution'. Stir the mixture to dissolve the borax. Add food coloring, if desired.
  3. Pour 1 tablespoon of glue into the cup labeled 'Ball Mixture'. Add 1/2 teaspoon of the borax solution you just made and 1 tablespoon of cornstarch. Do not stir. Allow the ingredients to interact on their own for 10-15 seconds and then stir them together to fully mix. Once the mixture becomes impossible to stir, take it out of the cup and start molding the ball with your hands.
  4. The ball will start out sticky and messy, but will solidify as you knead it.
  5. Once the ball is less sticky, go ahead and bounce it!
  6. You can store your plastic ball in a sealed Ziploc bag when you are finished playing with it.
  7. Don't eat the materials used to make the ball or the ball itself. Wash your work area, utensils, and hands when you have completed this activity.
Give them a try. You will be amazed at how easy and entertaining each one of them are. Please let me know what you think after you do.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


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4lakedames said...

I must say..."YOU LOOK AWESOME!!!" Green is SO your color and you are looking super thin and healthy!! Great job on studio 5! AMAZING GIRL!! xox

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