Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gumdrop people clip

So, I didn't share this clip before because I kept waiting for life to slow down, and it hasn't yet. Maybe one of these days!

Here is the clip from when I was on Studio 5 last.

The day before going on the show, all of us - the whole family was sick in bed - THROWING UP! I was not sure if I would be able to do it or not, but I woke up the day of the show, and felt so much better. Phew! I didn't get a chance to set it all up on my kitchen island the night before, which is what I usually do, so I had a malfunction or two before, during and after going on... the little guys kept falling over. Their feet shrunk a bit when the gumdrops dried!

Here is a picture:

By the way... every time I go on, I get to meet fantastic people, including Kirsten from Crafting Chicks, and Kami from Sweet Charli. They are both DARLING! Aren't their projects SO CUTE!?! I love them. I also met the talented Kelly Pratt. I need her help. Kelly, are you reading this?

Here I am with Brooke, Kami, and Kirsten:

And a few shots of me and Brooke:

Even if Mr. Gumdrop did fall over during the segment, I think it worked out alright.

Have a Happy and Creative Day!


1 comment:

Cristy said...

Yours was totally the best gumdrop idea! Love it! I can't wait to do that with my kids.

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