Tuesday, November 20, 2012

POLAR PLAYSET tutorial and patterns!

This is the most daring thing I have ever created with my scroll saw! I am so excited to share the details and patterns with you! I have decided to have an Eskimo themed party for my baby boy's second birthday, and thought I would make a play set for him to go with the theme. I have found a few on line, and they are SUPER expensive! This probably cost around $10. I already had the paint and the supplies for the Eskimo's.

I think my favorite part is the fishing hole!!!



I love the sled too.

Maybe the papoose is my favorite. I can't decide!

Of course they have twins! If you want a tutorial on the Eskimo dolls, message me, and I will be happy to post it!

When I don't want to use the fishing hole, I use this other piece I painted. It was going to be the top originally, but it was too small, because I have too many animals. I like how it's interchangeable.

They hang the fish they caught on their home.

 My mom told me to make the baby seals, and I love them. The others are in the water below.

 I used the drill press to drill a hole for the fishing pole to fit in. You could do it with a drill as well.

 Happy Eskimo family!

 You can see the Studio 5 clip of showing it live HERE. And my inspiration board HERE. Be sure and check back for details of the party! I can't wait!!!

Here are the separate  pieces. 

I used 1/8' x 2' x 4' mdf from Home Depot for the base.
I used 1" common board (pine) for the stands and animals, also from Home Depot. You can see how the pieces with the hole layer on top of each other.

You can cut the u-shaped piece first, then use it to create the other pieces, as pictured in the photo above. 

 Here are the patterns for you. I drew them on graph paper originally, and just traced the shapes I had already cut out below. 


 I love this little polar play set, and can't wait to give it to my son, so we can play with it together! My older kids have been begging to play with it as well! 

Up next, I will be showing the car mat I made for my nephew, and due to multiple requests, I created a Nativity scene, and will post it with patterns! 

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Brooke said...

Are you for real??!! These wooden cut outs are so amazing! So beautiful to look at, yet sturdy enough for a child to play with. You amaze me every day with your energy, creativity and your talent. Love your ideas. Keep them coming!!

-Candi said...

OMG!!! I just bought a scroll saw and was looking around for toy ideas and just came across your blog... mouth open shock here over the awesomeness of it! You are amazing, my girls are bouncing up and down next to me saying "can you make that?!?!?"

rcsadler said...

Hi There

I LOVE your eskimo play set and I really want to make one myself. (Just bought a scroll saw) However, I'm having a hard time downloading your pattern pieces and I couldn't see a pattern for the actual playlet pieces (stands, etc.)

Could you please send them to me? I would really like to make this for my classroom :)

Thanks so so much!

restlessrisa said...

Hi Rebecca, Congratulations on your scroll saw. You will love it! I don't have patterns for the stands. I just used the left over scrap pieces after cutting the animals out. The base pieces are too big to provide a pattern for. It would take 6 pieces of paper for each piece. You can make them whatever size you like. You can double or right click the pattern photos to load them on to your computer. I hope this helps. Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

This is amazing? Did you ever post a tutorial for the Eskimo dolls? I would love to see how you created them. Thank you,

restlessrisa said...

Hi Elizabeth. No, I never did, but if you look at my clothespin doll tutorial, I did it that way, but just cut the legs or top off of the clothespins at varying lengths before painting them. I should have done a tutorial when I originally made them. Sorry.

hibiscus mum said...

I am doing an Eskimo party for my granddaughter too! This is a very clever display, you have done a beautiful job. I want to know how you made the native people. My display is very simple and my centerpieces are icebergs with the native children. I would love to see how you made them, if you don't mind. Thank you

restlessrisa said...

Hello, I don't have any pics, but I made them using upside down candle cups, and clothes pins cut off at different heights stuck in the candle cups, and ball knobs for the heads. I glued everything together with hot glue. All the supplies came from Hobby Lobby. You can look at my tutorials for clothespin dolls for tips on painting the dolls. Good luck with the party. Sounds adorable!

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