Wednesday, March 14, 2012


SEW... my cute friend got called to the Enrichment Leader in my ward with short notice before the next activity, which also happened to be a big one - the Birthday celebration. I asked what I could do, and offered to do the tables and the decor. She gladly accepted my offer. I saw this idea on a blog a while ago, and wanted to do something similar, but never had the chance until now. You can see the blog HERE. You can also visit my pinterest board for more sewing inspiration.

I felt the whole night turned out SEW cute!

Here are a few shots:

I had decorating help from Michelle and Toni. They are the best - totally delivered!

Michelle's husband made the pattern apron. I don't know if he wants me to say that!

Toni got the vintage quilt at an Estate sale for like $20!!! I know - right?!?

The old sewing machine was Toni's grandmothers. LUCKY!

Cute Michelle framed cool vintage patterns.

The frame was one I picked up at DI and painted.

I loved all the colors, and how everything came together.

This is the invitation. I designed it in picasa.

Here are the tables. I found cute gingham fabric at Wal-mart for $1.50 a yard... you read it right, $1.50 a yard. Sew, I made 8 table cloths on four colors; dark pink, light pink, navy, and a deep yellow. If you have read my blog very often, you know I LOVE gingham! See the banner in the background on the piano? I stapled it together last minute.

The centerpiece was sitting on the instructions from the pattern.

I knew I wanted something cute and inexpensive for the center pieces, and I found it. I got a pattern for $.25 at the DI, and made pattern flowers. It actually went pretty fast as I was able to cut a lot of layers at the same time.

Then I decorated the tin cans. Wal-mart happened to have pink measuring tape - PERFECT!

This is how my kitchen looked before.

Then, I sewed together 64 parchment paper bags, and cute Michelle cut the tops with pinking sheers, and pinned all the labels on them with real pins! CUTE, right?!?

Inside was delicious chex mix treats made with funfetti cake mix. Super delish! See the cute blue zigzagged thread? LOVE!

Here is a shot of our cute RS Pres and Melissa who spoke. Well done Melissa!

Here are the beautiful and talented singers!

I got so carried away taking pictures of the decorations, that I didn't really get any of the service area. We tied two quilts, and worked on craft kits for Primary Children's and the Christmas Box House (I hope I said that right). Monica amazing organized the service end of things. It was perfect!

Here's the food. Wasn't it pretty? It was delicious as well! Chicken salad sandwiches, simple Caesar salad, fruit, and cupcakes for dessert. They were in with the decorations. Did you see them? Do you see the patterns under the food on the tables? ;)

Phew... what a busy day. It was such a great night, and well worth it. I love my neighbors!

Have a Happy and Creative Day!



Jenpoulson said...

What an amazing effort!! LOVED the creativity!! Very nice job Risa & friends

4lakedames said...


Unknown said...

You are amazing, next time call me we'll cut and do all the little tedious stuff together it will be great fun

Shawn and Brittany said...

I am hoping for the recipe to the chex mix and whatever was on top of all the fruit- it was so good!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas! Everything looks wonderful. Would it be possible to get a copy of your invitation, where we could change the information to our ward?
Thanks, Cheryl

restlessrisa said...

Hi Cheryl,
Unfortunately, I got a new computer, and lost everything on my old one, including this invitation. You are welcome to put a white block over my ward info, and add your own text. You can right or double click the image. Save to your computer, and print. It is 4x6. Good luck. I would love to see pictures!

Holly Baker said...

I am missing the service part. Did you guys make aprons for yourself, someone else, or did I miss the point altogether? I LOVE this idea and really want to use it in our RS. Thanks for answering!!!

restlessrisa said...

Holly, I am so sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I don't remember what we did, because I wasn't in charge of it. I will do some checking, and get back to you.

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